International Cooperation

The main directions of the international economic cooperation policy are: effective integration of the Republic of Armenia into the world economy, increase of export volumes of domestic products, diversification of external markets, creation of appropriate legal framework and favorable environment for international economic cooperation, attraction of investments, development of infrastructures that enhance the effectiveness of foreign trade and economic activities and etc.

The implementation of balanced policy in the field of international economic cooperation is conditioned by the deepening of bilateral and multilateral cooperation within the framework of selected priorities as well as by the establishment and development of new and more favorable directions in foreign economic relations for the Republic of Armenia. 

In the above mentioned directions targeted and consistent work is being implemented, which in particular includes:

• Signing of bilateral and multilateral international agreements in trade and economic fields on behalf of the Republic of Armenia;

• Organization of intergovernmental commissions on trade and economic cooperation with foreign countries coordinated by the RA Ministry of Economy, implementation and monitoring of agreements reached during joint sessions:

* Armenian-Ukrainian intergovernmental commission

* Armenian-Latvian intergovernmental commission

* Armenian- Belarusian intergovernmental commission 

* Armenian-Moldovan intergovernmental commission

* Armenian-Tajik intergovernmental commission

* Armenian-Kazakh intergovernmental commission

* Armenian-Czech intergovernmental commission 

* Armenian-Polish intergovernmental commission

* Armenian-Chinese intergovernmental commission

* Armenian-Lithuanian intergovernmental commission

* Armenian-Vietnamese Intergovernmental Commission

* Armenia-US Trade and Investment Council


Activities related to trade attache  and trade representatives of the Republic of Armenia;

The activities of Trade Attaches and Trade Representatives of the Republic of Armenia are regulated by the RA Government decrees "On Approval of the Statutes of Trade Attaches and Trade Representatives of the Republic of Armenia" as of 23.12.2004 1935-N and 09.11.2017 N1425-N, which define their objectives, tasks and functions.


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