Beef Cattle Breeding Development Program in the Republic of Armenia for 2019-2024

Тhe purpose of the Program on  Cattle breeding in  the Republic of Armenia for the years of  2019-2024  is to supply the  breeding stock  on affordable terms, especially by partially subsidizing the interest rate on loans, which will make it possible to replenish the herds of  animals with unknown  rooting and etiology, unsuitable for reproduction, unproductive, develop breeding business with pedigree breeding stock,  to improve the productivity of local animals, to increase the production of milk and meat and  reduce the cost of produced milk and meat, making it more competitive in relation to similar  products imported.

Under the program, beneficiaries have the opportunity to purchase highly productive breeding cattle through subsidized/backed loans.

Terms and Conditions of the Project:

Loan Interest Rate:

  •  For purchase of  breeding stock grown in the Republic of Armenia at the rate of 2%,
  • For purchase of  imported breeding stock – at the rate of  3% 
  • For economic entities of border communities covered by the  Roster  approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia No. 1444-Ն dated December 18, 2014, or cooperatives operating in the field of agriculture -at  the rate of 0%, 

Repayment period is up to 5 years

Maximum grace period for the basic amount is 12 months

The maximum loan amount for one Beneficiary is set at AMD 300 million.

The Beneficiary submits to the financial structure a request  application for the purchase of breeding cattle, indicating the livestock number, place (addresses) of purchases, and, in case of import, the terms of import, as well as  submits to the Ministry the breeding certificates  and cards of the  cattle livestock  to be purchased.

To get advice and assistance on the Project, please contact the Department for Agricultural Advice and Innovation via phones: +374 11 523 411, +374 11 597 254, +374 11 297 428, +374 11 529 231, Division of cattle breeding via phone +374 011 529 333, +374 011 597 129.

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