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The investment policy of the Republic of Armenia and the support to the investments are one of the core directions of RA Government economic policy and are stipulated in the investment policy activity program of RA Government.

The investment policy is targeted at the development of favorable investment and business climate, advancement of the transparency of regulating environment, revelation of competitive advantages of the country, increase of the volume of investments in Armenia, development of market infrastructure, and as a result the insurance of economic development based on all the mentioned factors.
The further course of industrial and technological development of the country is mostly conditioned by the development and effective implementation of targeted investment policy. The provision of increase in the volume of the investments in Armenia will solve several key issues, such as creation of new workplaces, involvement of know-how specific to market economies (general and financial management, marketing, new technologies, skills, etc.), revelation of new markets and their accessibility, opportunities for entering them, etc.
Having the objective of effective implementation of investment policy, the Republic of Armenia has announced and is carrying the policy of “Open Doors”. The main legal acts regulating the investment sector in Armenia are the 1994 RA law “On Foreign Investments”, as well as other provisions of legal acts regulating the economic sphere and related to the investments.

RA Ministry of Economy, Department of Investment Policy is responsible for the development of investment policy and for the improvement of investment environment, and supports the implementation of the investment policy.

The Department is composed of two divisions:

♦ the main activities of Investment Policy and Analysis Division are
implementing the development and mid-term revision of RA investment Policy; initiatives on development and improvement of  RA laws, sub-law acts, as well as proposals on their projects, which are related to the field of investments; collection of information on the investment projects in the priority fields of the economy, as well as monitoring and evaluation of those projects;  classification and analysis of the issues and problems raised by the investors, response to such issues, as well as development of proposals on them and presentation of such proposals to the corresponding divisions of the Ministry, interested state institutions and RA Government; coordination of activities related to the free economic zones, etc.

♦ the main activities of Investment Projects Division are:
developing and monitoring public-private partnership (PPP) policy and legal framework, collecting, developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating PPP and infrastructure development investment programs, coordinating activities of international financial institutions, coordinating and executing activities of the Asian Development Bank, as well as creating and managing investment projects data base.

In case of questions you can contact the Department via, or via telephone (+374 11) 59-71-25, (+374 11) 59-71-27, (+374 11) 59-71-28.
Department of Investment Policy of the RA Ministry of Economy is responsible for the activities towards development of investment policy in the Republic of Armenia. Tel: (+374 11) 59-71-25

Ministry of Economic Development and Investments of the Republic of Armenia

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